Po Yuen Toaist Society


  • to provide leadership in the following
  • to achieve spiritual enlightenment through spiritual self-discipline practices
  • to inner self illumination through attainment of the true meanings of virtues as reveal through the laws of nature.
  • to attain grace through living, practicing and cultivating the spirit of Taoist within oneself.
Master Lui Sin

Master Lui

Flag Discussion / Classroom
Library & public computer

Library Area

Bell Bell - Requesting Divine presence Drum Drum - Requesting Divine presence
Wooden Fish Wooden Fish - Chanting instrument used as beat in conjunction with the ung to synchronize the chanting Ung Ung - Chanting instrument used in conjunction with the "wooden fish" to synchronize the chanting
Incense Holder Incense Holder -
One Incense - praying sincerely from heart
Three Incense - requesting Divine to hear one's prayer
Nine Incense - requesting Nine Sky to hear one's prayer
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